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The study of story structure and outlining is as vast as the ocean. Writers of all genre’s have their own writing and structure processes and although I’ve used the same processes for years, I’ve also adapted as I’ve learned more about others and how they tackle structure and outlining. In short, it’s been helpful to learn from others.

That’s why I want to bring more voices to Fiction Formula. Our readers deserve a wide range of ideas and creativity and while we don’t pay for guest posts, we do allow outbound links. Whether you have a website or a book or both, we want you to receive the benefits of SEO and possible books sales in exchange for you guest post. But  before we direct traffic to your site or books or both, please read through these guidelines and when you’re ready, submit your post below.

Guest Post Guidelines

Fiction Formula is looking for relevant content. Our readership is primarily beginner to intermediate thriller genre writers who are looking for story structure, outlining, and general help in the thriller genre. While we aren’t sticklers on the genre thing, relevant posts related to the thriller genre will get the first look.

Before you submit your post, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Length. The posts on Fiction Formula are informative and long. Please submit posts within 800 -1200 word range. 

Depth. Fiction Formula readers have come to expect a certain level of quality: high. Give us actionable steps, awesome advice, and very specific guidelines to follow.

Guidelines for submitting:

Format. There’s a form near the bottom of this page which will let you create a post. Please fill out the form in it’s entirety. If you’re unsure of “post tags” you can leave it blank and I will enter the appropriate tags.

Post Category. Please choose the most relevant post category. If you’re unsure, do your best and I will make adjustments if needed.

Images. Include 1-3 images with your post including the featured image. Please make sure you have the rights to use any image you submit. Also make sure your images fit the existing styles on Fiction Formula if possible. We use a free software called Canva to create our images. If you’d like to search the web for images that can be used in blog posts, Flickr is a great place.

Deadlines. If you have a book launch or a website you’d like to promote and it’s time sensitive, please make sure you submit your post in a timely fashion. I recommend 30 days for time sensitive posts.

Links. Be sure to include a link to your book or website. We want to drive as much traffic to your book or website as possible.

Byline. Include a short two sentence byline at the end of your posts with a link to your book or blog.

Follow up. If you do not receive an email from me within 1 week of your post submission, please contact me via the contact form located at the bottom of the “Start Here” page.


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